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 blog 11/27/06

Operating as the Chicago community’s classical record label
by Jim Ginsburg 11/27/2006 (

Recently, my six-year-old daughter’s violin teacher, Jon Feller (dba Andersonville Suzuki Academy), emailed me to ask whether Cedille Records could help a fellow Chicago not-for-profit organization (Cedille is owned and operated by the not-for-profit Chicago Classical Recording Foundation). Thresholds, an agency that aids mentally-ill homeless people, was about to stage a music student “Play-A-Thon” at Holy Name Cathedral to raise money. In past years, the student who raised the most in pledges for his or her performance won a trip to a recording studio for a professionally engineered recording session resulting in a CD the student could keep of his/her own performances. Unfortunately, Thresholds was unable to make contact with the recording engineer they had worked with in the past.

Thus, Mr. Feller asked whether Cedille Records might be able to step in. Once I confirmed that WFMT would be willing to donate the use of its performance studio, I was more than happy to oblige (and not just because my daughter would be playing in the recital -- since I’m sure she did not raise the most pledges). So this year’s highest pledge-raiser (the recital took place on November 5, but I have not been informed of the winner as yet) will win a personal recording session at WFMT which I will produce and Cedille Records engineer Bill Maylone will record.

As the Chicago community’s classical record label, Cedille welcomes opportunities to collaborate with other local charitable organizations in this way. In the past we have produced a CD of a live piano recital by People’s Music School founder Rita Sim?