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Chamber  Schumann: The Sonatas for Violin and Piano 
Schumann: The Sonatas for Violin and Piano
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Schumann: The Sonatas for Violin and Piano
Jennifer Koh, violin
Reiko Uchida, piano
Cedille Records CDR 90000 095

Playing and recording the Schumann Sonatas is one of my most personal projects to date. Schumann's music has always compelled me as a musician and a listener for as long as I can remember. Schumann's music is the most human with its viscerally haunting, obsessive, tender, and vulnerable extremes. One can connect a lifetime of experiences (birth, love, hate, death) into every phrase of his music. These disparate experiences are tied together into one life (one phrase, one movement, one sonata) in Schumann's music. A single phrase is like a poignant memory that returns and with each visit is reborn more vividly, more passionately, more tenderly than before. Jennifer Koh

This recording is dedicated to the memory of Edward Aldwell. His warmth, generosity and wit are missed by all who knew him. His integrity and intelligence as a musician will always inspire us.
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PROGRAM (66:39)

Sonata No. 1 in A minor, Op. 105 (1851) (17:23)
1 I. Mit leidenschaftlichem Ausdruck (7:55)
2 II. Allegretto (4:17)
3 III. Lebhaft (5:05)

Sonata No. 2 in D minor, Op. 121 (1851) (27:31)
4 I. Ziemlich langsam - Lebhaft (10:25)
5 II. Sehr lebhaft (4:21)
6 III. Leise, einfach (5:46)
7 IV. Bewegt (6:50)

Sonata No. 3 in A minor, WoO 27 (1853) (21:26)
8 I. Ziemlich langsam - (Lebhaft) (7:42)
9 II. Scherzo: Lebhaft (4:08)
10 III. Intermezzo (3:03)
11 IV. Finale (6:23)

Producer & Engineer Judith Sherman / Assistant Engineer Jeanne Velonis / Graphic Design Melanie Germond / Artist Photos Janette Beckman / Recorded Sonatas Nos. 1 and 2 recorded May 27-29, 2005 in Theater A, Performing Arts Center, SUNY, Purchase, NY.Sonata No. 3 recorded June 1 & 2, 2006, in the American Academy of Arts and Letters, New York City / Microphones Schoeps MK2, Sonodore / Steinway Piano