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Vocal  The Virtuoso Handel 
The Virtuoso Handel
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The Virtuoso Handel
Patrice Michaels, soprano
Chicago Baroque Ensemble
John Mark Rozendaal, director
Cedille Records CDR 90000 057

Experience a side of Handel that's rarely heard these days: exquisitely refined vocal and instrumental chamber music, including three cantatas from his early years in Italy. On The Virtuoso Handel, you'll encounter the type of intimate music making that small, privileged audiences of discerning connoisseurs enjoyed during Handel's sojourn in Rome from 1706 to 1709.

Italy at the start of the 18th century was obsessed with singing. It is in this vocally-infused spirit that The Virtuoso Handel was conceived.

The Chicago Baroque Ensemble and soprano Patrice Michaels previously collaborated on Cedille's acclaimed A Vivaldi Concert ("A stellar level of artistry." - Cleveland Plain Dealer) and The World of Lully ("All this virtuosity invites repeated listening." - Early Music America). Here they perform secular cantatas on themes of romantic love, history, and mythology, including the dramatic and harrowing La Lucrezia. These challenging pieces showcase Ms. Michaels' silvery voice, lively interpretations, and exceptional mastery of florid Baroque passagework and ornamentation.

Also included are instrumental arrangements of arias from three of Handel's Italian operas: two for flute and strings, with irresistible "coloratura" playing on the transverse flute, and one for solo harpsichord. Completing the program is a charming Sonata in C Major for viola da gamba and harpsichord, which casts both players in virtuoso roles.

Participating on this recording are Chicago Baroque Ensemble members Anita Miller-Rieder, transverse flute; Jeri-Lou Zike, violin; Susan Rozendaal, viola; John Mark Rozendaal, viola da gamba and cello; and David Schrader, harpsichord.
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Click the Cedille Player at the upper left to hear excerpts from the tracks highlighted in red below. These have been carefully chosen as representative of the recording program.

PROGRAM (79:00)

HANDEL George Frideric

1. Non saria poco from "Atalanta" (6:28)
transcribed for flute and strings

Cantata: Un alma innamorata (17:00)
2. Recit: Un alma innamorata (0:25)
3. Aria: Quel povero core (8:08)
4. Recit: E pur benche egli veda (0:23)
5. Aria: Io godo, rido e spero (5:37)
6. Recit: In quanto a me ritrovo (0:19)
7. Aria: Ben impari come se ama (2:05)

8. Sventurato godi, o core abbandonato (7:14)
from "Floriodante" transcribed for harpsichord solo

Cantata: Chi rapi la pace al core?
9. Aria: Chi rapi la pace al core? (3:32)
10. Recit: Figlio d un fabbro, e amore (0:35)
11. Aria: Pupilla lucente (4:32)

Sonata in C for viola da gamba & harpsichord
12. Adagio (4:28)
13. Allegro (2:30)
14. Adagio (3:10)
15. Allegro (2:50)

Cantata: La Lucrezia (18:48)
16. Recit: O numi eterni! (0:55)
17. Aria: Gia superbo del mio affanno (5:16)
18. Recit: Ma voi forse nel Cielo (0:51)
19. Aria: Il suol che preme (3:46)
20. Recit: Ah! che ancor nel abisso (1:30)
21. Arioso: Alla salma infedel (4:02)
22. Recit: A voi, padre, consorte (0:52)
23. Arioso: Gia nel seno (0:41)
24. Recit: Sento ch il cor si scuote (0:52)

25. Spera si mio Caro from "Admetus" (7:08)
transcribed for flute and strings

Recorded: September 3-6, 2000 at WFMT Chicago, Illinois / Producer: James Ginsburg / Engineer: Bill Maylone / Cover: "The Artist and his Family in Concert" by David the Younger Teniers (1610-90). Courtesy of Noortman, Maastricht, Netherlands / Bridgeman Art Library. / Design: Melanie Germond / Notes: John Mark Rozendaal