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Vocal  Songs of the Romantic Age 
Songs of the Romantic Age
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Songs of the Romantic Age
Patrice Michaels, soprano
Deborah Sobol, piano
Cedille Records CDR 90000 019

"I don't think I have enough superlatives in my vocabulary to describe this recording adequately, but I'll give it a try . . ." (Classical DisCDigest)

"I can't possibly comment on every song, but I enjoyed them all. Bedi deserves to be heard often." (American Record Guide)

"A formidable interpretative talent." (The New Yorker)

Coloratura soprano Patrice Michaels, best-known for her interpretations of Mozart, baroque, and contemporary music makes her solo recording debut with 25 Romantic songs by 25 composers on this CD.

But why is Ms. Michaels emphasizing music that's outside her "specialty"? "It's something I think all singers should be able to do," she says. "A couple generations ago, it wouldn't have seemed odd. The best singers were expected to perform Rachmaninov as well as Handel"

The disc showcases Ms. Michaels' bel canto vocalism through a comprehensive collection of songs spanning 85 years and 8 languages. Alongside works by vocal stalwarts Fauré and Schumann are rarely recorded songs by Godard, Pierné, Medtner, Mussorgsky, Resphighi, and even Chopin.

The songs are grouped on the CD according to national flavor: France is represented by Godard, Debussy, Chausson, Bachelet, Fauré, and Pierné; Poland, by Chopin; Germany, by Schumann, Mendelssohn, Medtner, Brahms, Wolf, and Strauss; Russia, by Stravinsky, Mussorgsky, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, and Prokofiev; America, by Ives and Ganz; Scandinavia, by Sibelius; Italy, by Donaudy and Respighi; and Spain, by Falla and Delibes (a French composer whose song is very Spanish in character).
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Click the Cedille Player at the upper left to hear excerpts from the tracks highlighted in red below. These have been carefully chosen as representative of the recording program.

PROGRAM (68:42)

1. Godard: Chanson de Juin (4:05)
2. Debussy: Paysage sentimental (2:57)
3. Chausson: Le Colibri (2:15)
4. Bachelet: Chere Nuit (4:13)
5. Faure: Chanson d Amour, Op. 27, No. 1 (2:04)
6. Pierne: Serenade, Op. 7 (2:21)
7. Chopin: Moja Pieszczotka, Op. 74, No. 12 (1:59)
8. Schumann: Ich hab im Traum geweinet fr. Dichterliebe (2:19)
9. Mendelssohn: Bei der Wiege Op. 47, No. 6 (2:27)
10. Medtner: Erster Verlust, Op. 6, No. 8 (1:47)
11. Brahms: Nachtigall, Op. 97, No. 1 (2:28)
12. Wolf: Wie lange schon war immer mein Verlangen (2:20)
13. Strauss: Ich schwebe, Op. 48, No. 2 (1:50)
14. Stravinsky: Pastorale (1:37)
15. Mussorgsky: Where are you little star? (3:10)
16. Tchaikovsky: Was I not a blade of grass? Op. 47, No. 7 (5:56)
17. Rachmaninov: The Muse Op. 34, No. 1 (3:41)
18. Prokofiev: The bush on the hill, Op. 104, No. 3
19. Ives: Two little flowers (1:10)
20. Ganz: A Memory (1:48)
21. Sibelius: Norden (2:14)
22. Donaudy: O del mio amato ben (3:26)
23. Respighi: O falce di luna (2:39)
24. Falla: Tus ojillos negros (3:19)
25. Delibes: Les filles de Cadix (3:47)

Recorded: June 20-22 & 27, 1994 in Ganz Hall at Roosevelt Universities Chicago Musical College / Producer: James Ginsburg / Engineer: Bill Maylone / Cover: Photograph by Kathy Richland / Design: Cheryl A Boncuore / Notes: David Ross Hurley