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cedille records now offers downloads in CD-quality FLAC format

Flac DownloadIf CD sound quality is what you're looking for then the FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) format is for you.

While the MP3 downloads we offer are of unusually high quality — twice the bit rate of those sold on most download sites — no “lossy” compression scheme is truly CD-quality.  Our 256 kbps (kilobits per second) MP3 files do provide great sound, but only a file containing all the data of the original CD can give true CD quality.  FLAC is a lossless format that allows us to compress the music in such a way that no data (and therefore no quality) is lost, while creating files half the size of uncompressed CD files.

FLAC files can be imported and played directly on a variety of hardware and software media players, such as Winamp for Windows or VLC for Mac. Some players, such as Windows Media Player and Apple's iTunes, require plug-ins to play FLAC files, but FLAC files can always be “uncompressed” back into original .wav files and played in ANY media player. Please note that the downloaded FLAC files will need to be un-zippped before they can be used and that the resulting files will not be automatically imported into iTunes.

If you're unsure about the above and have never used FLAC files before, we recommend continuing to download our high-quality MP3s.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer assistance in using our FLAC files. For further information about the FLAC format please visit the FLAC website.